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This is all I get, right in this moment

Dear reader, do you ever get one of those thoughts that randomly pop up in your mind, like out of nowhere? It almost feels like that thought never left, you go about your day, and suddenly it floats right back to the top — even if just for a split second.

I have a few of those moments of realisation, almost daily, and one of the most recurrent is:

This is my life, I am already living it, this is all I get, right in this moment.

I think the older I get, the more this awakening hits home. This is what seemed like a distant future to the teenage Mofe, for better or worse, I couldn’t have predicted what this future would turn out to be.

This realisation for me, is usually a jolt back to reality, like a soft reset. What we’ve got right now is all we could have gotten at this time, all of our life choices have led to this very moment in our existence. If that quote up there moves you toward gratitude, or disappointment, or even regret, it’s alright — this is your life right now, you are already living it, this is all you get, right in this moment.

An interesting thing about realisations is, though they can bring up strong emotion and a flood of memories (of missed opportunity), they also can become more reason for gratitude, to keep pushing, to never settle.

Have an amazing week my friend,