Recurrent themes

Homage to abandoned projects and lost dreams

To be honest, I wanted to write to you guys every day of this week, but hey, no one loves daily newsletters — even the ones we manage to read.

I’ll kick off by asking: how are you, really?

The interesting thing about starting this journey for me so far, is that it pretty much feels like I’m writing to a pen pal, or a dear friend, every time I sit at my desk to draft one of these. Here’s your invitation to try it out if you’ve been meaning to start a newsletter yourself.

From my opening letter, I mentioned how consistency with undertakings like this one isn’t my strong suit, so I wanted to pay homage to some of my abandoned projects. I’ve left a couple of those in my wake in my three decades of existence, and this dates back to when I was only a boy.

Perhaps one of the more recurring ones (aside from taking exercising seriously) is writing a book (or books, since I already did self-publish a mini compendium of five of my literary works; in 2016, I think). As a kid (like many others of that age, I guess), I hand-wrote a compilation of original short stories in a small book and dreamed of the day it would get published for the world to read — the book, and the day, are now forever lost to time.

In 2018 (or was it early 2019?), I started the draft for a new one — this was going to be fiction set in a dystopian world where time had no boundaries, and the past and future often intermingled in the present. The idea was fantastic; it felt like the opening of the story was revealed to me, and I wrote down the plot. For this one, I managed to type out the first chapter, then I ran out of fuel.

I often think to myself, 'What activities would I engage in if I could go away for about 6 months, without having to work nor worry about money?' One of the activities that comes up in my mind is… you guessed it, writing a book — a philosophical body of work most likely. You know what they say about recurrent themes in one’s life; maybe that book will indeed exist someday in the future.

If you’ve read this far, you must really like what you’re reading. But there’s no profound insight I'd like to share to wrap this up. This is simply an invitation to you to revisit your abandoned projects in your mind. Remember how they made you feel before they lost their luster. Imagine the possibility of actually seeing your own recurrent theme through. Imagine a future where you did it, where you started and finished!

Till the next one Dear Reader,