Typing into The Void

Could this be the start (again) of a new thing?

First of all, thanks to you and the eight other people reading this, thanks for indulging me 😊 

Since I started tinkering with the web (as a user) many years ago, I have been fascinated by the possibility of being a publisher — of online content, in any form. Before I finally settled into programming (which would end up being my main occupation) I dabbled into blogging… a lot! Tried every free website host I could find, wrote not a few blog posts, on different topics ranging from poetry to spirituality, from quotes to philosophy, and whatever tickled my fancy.

Why did I make you go through that preamble?

Because here I am (again), being a publisher of online content, typing into the void, hoping someone on the other end is reading, and picks up the signal, maybe you even write back.

Consistency with undertakings like this one has never been my strong suit, I know this and don’t delude myself into believing otherwise, but one thing’s for sure: I do enjoy it, immensely, for however long (or short) it lasts.

So welcome, to my inner pages! Perhaps this newsletter will take over what for a long time was my WhatsApp statuses, and for an even longer time after, was just my mind, and its whispers in my ears as I retire from a long day’s activities.

For whatever reason you’re reading this, I hope you enjoy the ride.

Till the next one,